Masala—For Sale—Continued 3


Q: How can we independently confirm what you’ve told us?

A: We have gone to a lot of trouble with the boat and this website. They are an indication of the attention to detail and care with which we approach everything we do. We have all the documentation to back up what we have put on the website.

As a help, we have included on the next page an extract from the survey we obtained when we bought Masala the first time (the omitted part is the specifications which are already on the web site) and the full survey when we bought her the second time.

Q: What is the story behind your two ownerships of Masala?

A: We first bought Masala in 2005. For family health and work reasons we had to sell her in 2007 and return to Melbourne. The issues were sorted out by the end of 2008. We sold the house and began looking for another yacht to live aboard and cruise. Everything we looked at was not as good, or as good value, as Masala. By sheer good luck we were able to buy her back at the beginning of 2009. There is no better recommendation than the owners having bought the same boat twice.

Q: Why are you selling her now?

A: We have had a fabulous time doing long cruises on the east coast of Australia, as you can see from our cruising log. However, we no longer wish to commit long periods of time to cruising, so we think it sensible to sell Masala to someone who will make better use of her. We have a new house in regional NSW with a wonderful community to be involved in. We are planning to do a lot more land-based travel so our 23-foot trailer sailer will be enough to keep us happy in the sailing department (she has been in mothballs for 7 years and is looking forward to getting her bottom wet).

Q: If we have questions, or would like to arrange an inspection, make an offer, or start the pre-purchase process, what do we do next?

A: Since Masala is now sold this is no longer an option, but we still enjoy a chat so if you wish you could contact us on 0429 995 587. Or if you prefer, e-mail us by clicking the link HERE (