Q: How would you best describe Masala, and what is she suitable for?

A: Masala is a relatively new, well equipped, very strong, fast and proven steel yacht with an impeccable design pedigree. She is suitable for serious long-distance cruising either locally, in the Pacific, or on a world circumnavigation.

Her design is modern, with plumb bow, sugar scoop stern and long waterline length. But she also has the best of the classic cruising characteristics such as full skeg protection for the rudder and longish keel for directional stability at sea. Her keel design offers a modern, encapsulated lead bulb without the excess draft that prevents access to many cruising grounds.

Masala has a matching modern interior. Her mostly white fitout  makes for a bright, cheerful, airy and spacious environment where it is rarely necessary to use internal lights even on the gloomiest of days.

Her interior features an open plan design to ensure maximum airflow in hot conditions. She is fully insulated with blown foam to below the waterline which ensures maximum comfort in hot climates and a warm, dry, condensation-free boat in cold climates.

Masala’s layout affords practicality and a plethora of storage space since almost all tankage is located under the floor. In this sense she is more classic than modern, as many modern boats have flat bottoms and shallow bilges meaning that tanks take up vital cabin storage.

Masala has benefited from huge advances in recent years in steel coatings and paints, ensuring many years of trouble-free, low maintenance ownership.


Q: What if I prefer to buy through a broker?

A: This can be done but will affect the purchase price. Please contact us so we can organize it (contact details on home page).

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