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Heysen Range from Walkandi Peak, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

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Canberra and Surrounds - October 2015 - Page 12


Mt Pleasant & Mt Ainslie


There are at least four high places that offer good views over Canberra, all different. Red Hill Lookout has already been covered. Black Mountain will be covered later. Here we drive to the top of Mt Pleasant and Mt Ainslie. The former is little visited since you must go through the grounds of the Royal Military College Duntroon to get there, and it is not advertised. The latter is the best known and most visited.

Above: from Mt Pleasant. The eagle-capped 73m spire of the Australian-American monument in front of Lake Burley Griffin commemorates American service personnel assistance during the war in the Pacific. The Telstra tower on Black Mountain can be seen in the top right corner of the photo.

Left: Royal Regiment of the Australian Artillery National Memorial, Mt Pleasant. In memory of the gunners who gave their lives in the service of their country. The two guns are 64 pounders manufactured in the 1870s and originally part of Sydney’s harbour defences at Middle Head.

Below: Molongolo River Valley from Mt Pleasant.

Below: Mt Ainslie is much higher than Mt Pleasant and is further away from the city so offers a bigger but less intimate view.

However there is no better spot to see the alignment of the War Memorial, Anzac Parade and Parliament House (above) which is why it is so popular.

Left: Old Parliament House is dwarfed by the new Parliament House, seen from Mt Ainslie (long telephoto lens needed for this shot, compare with the other two photos).