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Even Keels Cruising Club Inc (club website example only)

Beach Shells, Bathurst Head, Cape York, Queensland - by Grant Da Costa

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Even Keels Cruising Club INC 9897603 ABN 37599776442



Who can join?

Prospective members must:

be 18 years of age or over, and

hold a current boat licence, and

have an email address.

How are club decisions made?

Where possible, decisions are made by consensus. Otherwise, decisions are made by committee and/or members voting, according to the constitution.

Where may members live?

Members may live anywhere in Australia. The current members are spread across New South Wales and Victoria.

Since members are geographically dispersed, how is the club run?

All members are required to have an email address and access to the Internet for ease of communication. Members can communicate directly with each other. Emails are exchanged as required. General and Committee meetings are conducted by conference call. The Booking System, operating and equipment manuals, and other important documents are posted on the Members Only section of this website.


How do I know this scheme works?

A related scheme is used by the Canberra Ocean Racing Club, which has been operating since 1979. Also, two of the current Even Keels members founded the Melbourne Cruising Yacht Club (MCYC) which has been running successfully since 2004 using a very similar scheme. MCYC has so far operated their 39’ monohull between Hobart and the Whitsundays, and offshore to New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Will I own a share in the boat?

No, the Club owns the boat. The club buys the boat using member’s pooled funds. Your membership entitles you to use the boat.

Can I sell my share in the boat?

No, because you do not own a share in the boat. You are a member of a club which owns a boat. If you choose to resign from the club, the club will find a new member to replace you and the membership fee they pay in is used to refund your membership fee.


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