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Even Keels Cruising Club Inc (club website example only)

Beach Shells, Bathurst Head, Cape York, Queensland - by Grant Da Costa

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For my Exclusive Access time, what if I want to sail the boat to Antarctica while it is based in Hobart?

This would not be allowed since the member could not sail the boat to Antarctica and back in the Exclusive Access time they have available. There are other obstacles as well:

The member would need to be classified as Offshore capable;

The vessel may not be taken outside Australian territorial waters as defined by the Club’s insurance policy, without adequate offshore insurance, and only in accordance with the Club’s annual cruising program.

During Exclusive Access time, the member is not permitted to take the yacht more than 400 nautical miles from the designated home port (Hobart in this case) without the approval of the committee.

What if I want to sail the boat to Antarctica during Club time?

Theoretically you could as there is no geographical limit to where the club’s boat may be operated, provided of course that you can convince the other club members to put this trip in the annual cruising program and that suitable insurance can be obtained.

Can I take my pets on the boat?


Can I race the boat?



How many members are in the Club now?

There are currently 7 couples each holding one EK Right.

Are there different types of membership?

Yes, there are two types of membership, Individual or Family. EK Rights may therefore be held by an Individual or a Family, where the definition of a family is two people who are married or in a de facto relationship.

If I have a family membership, what rights do my children have?

None, as they are not members. However, members may of course invite their children or anyone else on board during their Exclusive Access time.

How many members will there be when the club is fully subscribed?

The scheme consists of eight EK Rights. Each member may hold up to two EK Rights. If all the members were Individual members and each held two EK Rights, there would only be four members in the club, the theoretical minimum. If all the members were Family members and each family held one EK Right, there would be sixteen members in the club, the theoretical maximum.

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