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Even Keels Cruising Club Inc (club website example only)

Beach Shells, Bathurst Head, Cape York, Queensland - by Grant Da Costa

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For example: The boat is located in Tasmania for the summer with the home port designated as Hobart. Members sail the boat out of Hobart while the boat is based there. The members agree the boat will be relocated to the Whitsundays for the winter. Club members sail together to relocate the boat. A member may want to spend 2 weeks in Pittwater using part of their exclusive access time, along the way. The boat therefore stops in Pittwater to allow the member exclusive access. The boat then continues on to the Whitsundays where it is based for the winter. Members sail out of the chosen marina there until the boat is next relocated.

What are member’s classifications?

The committee assigns each member a classification upon joining the Club, based upon the sailing and navigation experience and ability of the member. The classification determines where a member may take the boat during exclusive access. There are five classifications: novice, sheltered waters, intermediate waters, coastal and offshore. Classifications other than offshore impose restrictions on where the member may operate the yacht, consistent with the naming of the classification. Novice members may not operate the yacht at all without another member on board whose classification is at least equal to the nature of the waters in which the boat is to be operated.

How do you get your classification upgraded?

By first gaining the necessary skills and experience on the Club boat with the assistance of higher classified members during your exclusive access time and/or by participating in Club cruises. You may then make a request to the committee to review your classification.

Do I have to sail the boat on coastal or offshore passages?

Not if you don’t want to. Should the club be unable to raise a crew to relocate the boat to its next cruising ground, a professional skipper would have to be paid for.

How much time do I get to have the boat to myself?

Either four weeks or eight weeks per year, depending on whether you have paid for one EK Right or two.

Are there any limitations as to when I can take my Exclusive Access time during the year?

No, subject only to fair and equitable access being provided to all members who want it. Access is by negotiation with other club members during the process of putting together the cruising program.

Are there any limitations to how long I can book the boat for, for my Exclusive Access time?

The minimum booking is one day.

The theoretical maximum booking is four weeks if you hold one EK Right or eight weeks if you hold two. However, in the case where all members want time in a popular cruising destination that has a fixed length cruising season, scaling back of bookings to ensure equal access to all will be required.

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