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Even Keels Cruising Club Inc (club website example only)

Beach Shells, Bathurst Head, Cape York, Queensland - by Grant Da Costa

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Is the scheme a time-share?

Yes and No. Yes in the sense that members are entitled to exclusive use of the boat. No in the sense that there is also Club time where members sail together to relocate the boat from one cruising ground to another.

What is Exclusive Access time?

This is the time you as a member have the boat entirely to yourself. The amount of Exclusive Access time you get is determined by the number of EK Rights you hold. One EK Right is equivalent to four weeks Exclusive Access time. A member may hold up to two EK Rights.

What is an EK Right?

An EK Right is effectively a club membership of which you may hold a maximum of two. There are eight EK Rights in the club. Each EK Right gives four weeks Exclusive Access to the boat per year. Fees and subscriptions are also allocated on a per EK Right basis. Also, voting in the club is based on EK Rights – for example if you hold two EK Rights you are entitled to two votes at meetings of the club.

What is Club time?

Club time is the time when the boat is relocated from one cruising ground to another as determined in the club’s annual sailing program. Members sail together to relocate the boat.

How much Club time is available for me to sail?

This depends on how many weeks are designated in the sailing program as Club time. It also depends on the level of demand from club members as Club time must be equitably shared between those club members wishing to participate in a club cruise. The theoretical maximum is 16 weeks.

Do I have to share the boat with other members?

No. Exclusive Access time is exactly that and the member is entitled to use the boat exclusively. They of course can invite friends, family or other members to join them but this is their choice alone. If you don’t want to participate in Club time activities you don’t have to.

Where will the boat be based?

Nowhere in particular. The members agree on a sailing program each year. This may include any coastal area in Australia or locations overseas such as New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu etc. Club time is used to relocate the boat to the cruising ground(s) for that year. For the summer sailing season of 2013/14 the boat was based in Hobart, Tasmania. For the winter sailing season of 2014 the boat was based in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Where can a member sail the boat?

Anywhere, consistent with:

the Club’s annual sailing program, and

if exclusive access time, the member’s classification (see next FAQ).

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